the light jacket in between seasons has some serious competition

the overshirt is the new fashionable companion this autumn

Bold dress shirts are an excellent way to inject fashionable flavour into your daily wardrobe. The truth is these decorative shirts have to hide in the shadowy existence under thick jackets most of the time. But the overshirt has grown into a real statement piece this fall-winter. The overshirt protects the wearer against wind and weather and attracts attention with fashionable patterns and prints.

Inspiration Overshirt 01
Inspiration Overshirt 03a

The usual outerwear consists mainly of jackets, coats and suits. If this is too monotonous for you, you should take a closer look at these overshirts. Whether with a trendy pattern or in plain solid colors – the overshirt sets accents and clearly stands for the fashion consciousness of its wearer.

Inspiration Overshirt 02a
Inspiration Overshirt 04

The somewhat outdated easy jacket for in-between seasons has gotten a chicer and more stylish alternative. As a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket, it combines the best components of both garments. Overshirts are equally comfortable as they are chic and even visually lengthen the silhouette due to their short fit.

Inspiration Overshirt 05
Inspiration Overshirt 06

The trend barometer for the current fall-winter clearly points towards check patterns and weather-repellent materials. Wool fabrics and tightly woven cottons are the most commonly used outer fabrics for the overshirt.