Wedding trends 2021

The year 2021 is going to be the Year of the Wedding. After all last year’s postponements, happy couples and their guests are eagerly looking forward to ceremonies this summer. Plans are already in full swing, so you should definitely take a look at the following wedding trends to weave them into your dream wedding.

The wedding ceremony

Marry on a weekday

The new trends include getting married during the working week. One advantage of doing this is that there is a greater choice of available service providers. Another plus is that you can marry in the month of your choice and save money at the same time. And those who take a day’s holiday specially for a weekday wedding confirm that the event is all about love.

Sumptuous floral decorations

Everyone knows that flowers are a must at weddings. And sumptuous floral arrangements will be in the limelight this year, allowing large blooms in luscious colours to exude their charms. The simplicity of last year is being thrown overboard. This year, there won’t be any skimping on floral decorations. Flowers can be used in various ways at the venue. They can decorate the tables where low-level arrangements are best to avoid obstructing the view across the table. And even entire floral arches are now in vogue for outdoor settings. Fresh flowers are not the only blooms taking centre stage. The popular trend for dried flowers continues this season. Wherever you look, on social media posts or in flower shops, they are brimming with pampas grass and pastel flowers. Dried flowers can be used in bridal bouquets, table decorations and hair accessories. The beauty of them is that you don’t have to throw them away after the wedding because they have already been dried professionally. And presenting them as a keepsake for friends and family is a wonderful idea. The disadvantage is the expense; dried flowers are not cheap, unfortunately. But by combining dried and fresh cut flowers, it is possible to save on the outlay. Float on a cloud of romance and blooms: outdoor weddings are the perfect place for a flower swing. Simply ask your chosen florist to decorate a swing with flowers. If there isn’t a swing at the venue, take a plank of wood and attach a thick rope to each side. Then fix the ropes to a thick branch of a tree. Your flower swing will make a romantic backdrop for your Instagram or mobile phone photos.

Brautstrauß 2021
Tischblumen 2021

The most important decorative elements

Wooden decorations are finding a niche at many weddings this year. The indispensable elements: a rustic style and elegant laser engravings. Wooden decorations can be used as table or place cards, and they create an elegant impression on the wedding cake, too. But don’t forget to order your custom-made wooden decorations in good time. The combination of fresh flowers and wood looks amazing. Exuberant celebrations are an important aspect of a wedding, of course, but also allow your guests to have a little break from time to time. At outdoor weddings, little lounge areas are particularly welcome, where furniture such as armchairs, pouffes, cushions and sofas are arranged to create a cosy corner.

Champagne perfects the celebratory atmosphere

Champagne can be served at weddings in many different ways. You can either have a traditional champagne reception after the ceremony or create a champagne wall. Guests can serve themselves at the wall, but care must be taken to ensure that it is kept topped up. In addition to champagne walls, other decorative walls are also in fashion. These include displays of hanging doughnuts or other treats, or even a whole wall of balloons and flowers. The latter type makes an eye-catching backdrop for guests and their photographs. There is a wide choice of walls to choose from, so you are sure to find one to suit your theme.

Champagne Wall 2021
Donut Wall 2021

Romance takes the starring role

Increasing numbers of brides and grooms are choosing wedding arches when organising a non-religious ceremony. As a key decorative element for the ceremony, an attractive wedding arch will be quite the conversation piece. Geometric shapes are set to be particularly popular in 2021. And a wedding without atmospheric and romantic lighting is not a proper wedding. In recent years, all kinds of lighting effects, particularly fairy lights, have become part and parcel of a wedding. These can be integrated well as many weddings will take place in gardens and outdoor locations in 2021. The latest fashionable trend in this area is a light tunnel. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside at a long table in a tunnel of thousands of sparkling lights and eat a convivial meal?

Traubogen 2021
Lichtertunnel 2021

The sustainable wedding celebration

Celebrating with just a few guests is becoming more popular and not just because of Covid-19. This trend is all part of the movement towards sustainability. The entire celebration or just individual aspects of it are planned and celebrated with sustainability in mind. The popular gimmicks of previous years such as single-use decorations and disposable cameras are no longer in favour. A photo booth, for example, takes photos that are just as good, if not better. Some couples decorate using reusable potted plants and seasonal and dried flowers. Or how about having place cards made of seed paper? These recyclable cards can be planted after the ceremony and grow into new floral delights that will remind people of the wedding for a long time to come. This ecological theme runs through the whole concept of the wedding. Rented decorations and regional food also underline the trend as does an overall rustic look at the venue.

The bride

Dressing the modern bride – the trouser suit

Increasingly, we are seeing brides choosing trouser suits. These range from particularly chic numbers with lace and a fabulous back to very classic two-piece combinations. Today’s bride can even attend her own special day in wedding in sporty attire. Trouser suits are particularly popular at civil weddings, meaning that the bride is not only well dressed but looks super-cool, too. This trend is particularly enjoyed by brides who are generally not great fans of wearing dresses.

Hosenanzug 2021b
Hosenanzug 2021a


Having bridesmaids in attendance at weddings is very well known, particularly in the USA and the UK. However, increasing numbers of bridal couples in Germany are adopting this tradition, too. That said, the bride’s entourage does not have to be female at weddings in 2021. Bridesmen are the bride’s male friends who have a special place at the bride’s side.

Non-identical bridesmaids’ dresses

Traditions for bridesmaids are becoming more fluid, too. In the past, it was traditional for all the bridesmaids to wear the same dress in the same colour. Whether it suited them or not. And it prevented their taste clashing with the bride’s. Today things are different. Many brides allow their bridesmaids to wear what they like and something they feel comfortable in. The important thing is that the cut and colours harmonise with each other.


The groom

General fashion trends for grooms

The casual look that took the fashion world by storm a few years ago will make an impact again this year. Structures in linen and mixed cotton fabrics are particularly popular with men celebrating their marriage in 2021. Also, waistcoats are back. As additions to a two-piece suit or more casually combined with matching trousers, getting married without a waistcoat is almost a fashion faux pas. But perhaps you will prefer old school styles. With wider lapels, narrow silhouettes and off-beat colour contrasts, these looks are making a comeback this year.

Hochzeitsanzug beige 2021
Hochzeitsanzug kirschrot 2021

Sharp accessories

Accessories for men are also hot news this year. They are particularly used to emphasise the groom’s personality. Flat caps and braces, chosen to match the suits, are an excellent way to style the look with a flamboyant twist. The most important thing, however, is to ensure your outfit is flexible and adaptable. A shirt with a removable collar for the party after the ceremony and a pair of matching espadrilles made of the same fabric as the suit make the groom’s outfit very versatile.

Tie or bow tie

Ties and bow ties have been in competition with each other for years. So, what is the fashion for 2021? The trend is clearly leaning in favour of waistcoats with a matching tie. Nevertheless, some men prefer to wear a cravat on their special day. Many grooms forgo both nowadays and choose a decorative piece of jewellery instead.

The bridal couple

Vintage wedding rings

Concerns about sustainability will also change the way some couples choose their rings. The trend in 2021 is clearly towards vintage wedding rings. Antique treasures are given a second life. A family heirloom will evoke memories whilst creating new ones.

His and hers jackets

For bridal couples not marrying on a hot summer’s day, the trendy item to wear this year is his and hers jackets. In any fabric or style. The important thing is the lettering on the back. Create fun photos for your album with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’, ‘Bride’ and ’Groom’ or a completely different slogan.

Bride and Groom

Dream weddings during the corona pandemic

It is uncertain if weddings planned for 2021 will be able to take place as planned. And so, we can expect weddings this year to be held under certain conditions. Despite these circumstances, it is important to continue to plan the wedding. Service providers across the sector are adapting to the new challenges and are trying to simplify the situation for bridal couples accordingly.

Possible restrictions

  • Limited number of wedding guests
  • Wearing masks
  • Complying with social distancing and a minimum distance of 1.5 metres
  • Drawing up a guest list with personal details for track and trace
  • Regulations concerning safety precautions in the venue (e.g. ventilation, seating)

Five tips in the event of cancelling the wedding due to coronavirus

  1. Have a Plan B: If the wedding is cancelled, phone the venue to enquire about alternative dates. If all dates are already booked for the summer, postpone your wedding to autumn or winter. The advantage of this is that many service providers will have more time for you than in the high season. If this does not meet your expectations, postpone the wedding for a year. This way, you do not need a new theme as it will take place in the same season.
  2. Don’t panic: this is very important at the moment. It is natural for bridal couples to be anxious, particularly as the date comes closer. However, the rules surrounding the coronavirus change almost daily. So, it is a waiting game. If you cancel your wedding out of fear and on your own initiative, be aware of the high costs of cancellation. Even if the date is in jeopardy, don’t cancel in haste. Sometimes the venue will cancel of its own accord and carry the expense.
  3. Contact your service providers. In the event of cancellations due to corona, service providers are becoming increasingly accommodating with regard to refunds. So, speak to your service providers about coming to an arrangement if the wedding cannot take place.
  4. Marry on a weekday: if the situation is likely to ease, but the venues in your preferred month are booked up, you could consider holding your wedding between Monday and Thursday.
  5. Keep your guests in the loop: finally, let your guests know what the latest arrangements are. Either postpone the wedding indefinitely or send new ‘save the date’ cards or ‘change the date’ cards as soon as the new date is fixed.