Fashion Show – Beyond The Stars

Beyond the Stars – This is the name of the first digital fashion show by CG – CLUB of GENTS. The overall concept of lighting, music and choreography gives online viewers the immediate atmosphere of a real fashion show. With Beyond the Stars, CG – CLUB of GENTS presents a fantastic dream world in which British understatement seems to shine brightly on a starry moonlit night. We present our favourite looks.

Beyond The Stars - Look 1

Oversize Look in BLUE

A clear moonlight night has a very special effect. The bright light acts like a signpost. Contours stand out in the dark night and some shapes seem to take on a new form. Matching the mysticism of the starry sky, we favour this oversize look in shimmering night blue. Marzotto’s 100% virgin wool combination is lightweight yet keeps you warm.

Casual Look CORDUROY

If you only associate corduroy with the professor of yesteryear, you’re underestimating its multi-layered appeal. Corduroy has a broken-up surface texture with highs and lows. The light refracts on the surface and creates an interesting shimmer. Colours of corduroy fabrics appear deeper, richer and add a modern opulence to the look.

Beyond The Stars - Look 2
Beyond The Stars - Look 3


If you want to look dressed up without looking buttoned down, the overshirt is the right choice. This new form of an interim jacket is becoming more and more established. Whether you call the overshirt "semi-formal" or "semi-casual" – the look remains relaxed and leaves enough space for a spontaneous jaunt through the night.

Longer Length 

If you feel lost without a coat in the dark season, you shouldn’t have to do without it. The coat is and remains the most popular outerwear piece in the winter wardrobe. The variety of fabrics, patterns and lengths offer almost endless design possibilities. This winter, we favour a model with a diagonally structured pattern. In combination with matching trousers and waistcoat, this is a real eye catcher!

Beyond The Stars - Look 4
Beyond The Stars - Look 5


This combination of shirt, waistcoat, jacket and coat takes the winter layered look to the extreme. As we all know, the old-fashioned onion look not only keeps you warm but also plays with different lengths and colours in a sophisticated way. A skilful layering look look in combination with a floral shirt, a cool waistcoat and an elegant coat achieves visual depth and is always a guarantee for compliments.


In December the big gala season of the year is inexorably approaching. If you’re looking for a modern party outfit for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, you should combine the classy with the everyday. Our favourite for dressy to casual events: a velvet tuxedo jacket paired with a pair of high-quality denim jeans in jet black. Make it Your Own Party!

Beyond The Stars - Look 6