Fashion trends Spring/Summer 2020: Here are the hottest styles for the summer

What is on trend in 2020? Although we are still in February, we thought you should have a sneak peek at your summer wardrobe essentials. Let us show you the six must-haves for men.

Soft colours

During the summer months remember that suits don’t have to be only black, dark grey or blue. The warmer months of the year are ideal for opting for soft, light colours. This year, beige in various shades is particularly cool. And you can wear light colours anywhere, be it an elegant evening event, a garden party or the office.



Once branded as the kind of shirt that only Charlie Sheen or pensioners would wear, Cuban collar shirts have become a staple that will never go out of fashion, and they are experiencing renewed popularity this summer. Floral prints that give every outfit a retro style are particularly hip. Cuban collar shirts don’t necessarily have to be short-sleeved – a version with long sleeves makes a trendy combination with cloth trousers.


We have already shown you in this blog article how to correctly fold a pocket square. But a pocket square has many more uses. This summer it is best repurposed as a neckerchief. Traditional gentlemen take a classic approach and wear white or black pocket squares, elegantly tucked into the collar neckline. You can create a rock star vibe by knotting the casually twisted kerchief at your throat and letting the ends dangle down. Or you can opt for eye-catching patterns and tie it tightly around your throat to make a fashion statement.


One trend from last year is definitely here to stay: stripes. They have a particularly fresh and casual look this summer in light shades. Here, too, beige, off-white and pastel shades are the best choice. The best thing about this must-have look: trendy vertical stripes elongate the silhouette and ensure you always cut a dash – whether they are on a jacket, waistcoat, shirt or trousers.


Leicht und bequem

Just as a tight and uncomfortable cut is inadvisable, the same goes for the fabric you choose. Who wants to sweat in an XS shirt on hot days? Oversize shirts and loose-fitting shorts are better suited for the hot weather. Natural fabrics, such as linen, are also remarkably comfortable to wear. As for warm days in the office, linen waistcoats and trousers combined with loosely rolled-up shirt-sleeves are a great alternative to classic business wear.


When temperatures rise, the dress code tends to relax, and men find open shoes to be a huge blessing. Mules or strap sandals are worn with casual suits and informal outfits, giving your clothing an Italian look. Leather sandals are a perfect option for a variety of styles. If you’re brave, you can even wear socks with them. Yes, that’s right! As long as they are not walking sandals, this is a fashionable look that will be making a statement this summer.