Men’s Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2021

Say goodbye to the winter blues! Spring is the perfect time to update your wardrobe. Casual coolness, comfortable fabrics and fresh colours are replacing formal looks in the menswear segment. Here are the five must-have items for men this coming spring/summer season.

#1 Warm natural and pastel shades

Yes, you read that correctly! Pastel shades have also made inroads into men’s fashion and are literally setting the tone for summer 2021, proving that suits don’t only have to be black, dark grey or blue. Just go for it! Light, warm earthy and pastel shades are officially approved; this must-have colour palette also adapts to the urban style of the city and puts you back in touch with nature.

Naturfarben und Pastelltöne
Sakko in Pastellfarben
Strick in Pastellfarben

#2 Oversized and Stretch

Comfort is a must, no matter whether you’re in the office, at home or out and about. The trend is shifting more and more towards large fits that combine both comfort and style. For your summer wardrobe, also choose items with a high percentage of stretch – this applies to both everyday looks and formal occasions.

#3 Prints

It wouldn’t be summer without fabulous prints. How much print you wear is entirely up to you: go for wild pattern mixing, large all-over prints, fine nature prints or a single, eye-catching print. Small, narrow stripes and checks are ideal for a particularly subtle look. Fun, natural patterns are becoming more and more popular and are a must-have for the coming season.

Shirt mit Einzelprint
KurzarmHemd mit Print

#4 Loose, lightweight fabrics

In the summer, loose fabrics are perfect for enjoying the heat on warm, sunny days. Lightweight fabrics that lie loosely on your body are ideal for reflecting the casual atmosphere of summer within your outfit. Linen in particular is very breathable and has a pleasant cooling effect on warm days.

#5 Neon colours

Bright neon colours are a very special trend as they are not easy to combine with other items. However, with the following styles and a little intuition, you’ll be able to put together a great everyday look. Try either focussing on a single statement piece in the trend colour or choose neutral shades and brighten up your look with pops of neon.

Sakko mit Neon-Details pink
Sakko mit Neon-Details türkis