Overshirt – The perfect Mix of shirt and jacket

Loosening up is the big topic in fashion, because people’s attitude to life has changed a lot in recent years. In many places, professional life has shifted from the office to the home, and clothing habits have also changed. Formal clothes get a new importance and are complemented by new pieces. The shirt jacket manages the tightrope walk between workwear and formal wear and is worn casually as outerwear.

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The suit jacket is no longer the sole fashion favorite for the office and meetings. The shirt jacket originated in the 1960s and was made in lightweight fabrics. The students movement of ’68 soon embraced this alternative to the suit and significantly rejuvenated the image of overshirts. In the current season, this lightness is making its way into formal wear, revitalizing the selection with a variety of new models.

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As we all know, if you have a choice, you are spoiled for choice. The design of overshirts comes in a variety of delicious colors and patterns. The classic is clearly the check. Cleverly combined with a clean look in neutral colors, it is itself an eye-catcher with a strong impact. On the other hand, the plain version without pattern makes way for accessories, such as belts or shoulder bags, which come into their own particularly well here.

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Today, overshirts are as fashionable again as they were last in the 1990s. With the sporty short cut, they visually lengthen the silhouette and provide more freedom of movement. Overshirts are hardly or only very lightly lined to maintain a certain casualness. And the best thing about it: when it gets colder, you simply throw your winter jacket or coat on top. With the overshirt, you can easily put together layered looks that are varied and at the same time defy the winter cold.