Wedding trends for autmn/winter 2022:

A Wedding is something magical. The candles flicker at the table, the conversations are good and there is a cozy atmosphere in which you can only feel comfortable.

So a winter wedding is anything but dreary and cold.  From a fashion point of view, a wedding in the second half of the year also offers many possibilities. The color palette consisting of natural tones such as sage and peony, in combination with our fabrics made of wool stretch, creates magical looks.



The naturalness of the colors and fabrics emphasizes the classy and casual romance of the surroundings while matching the bride’s look. The suits made of natural fabrics such as wool stretch or cotton absorb the warmth of the surroundings. Combined with a snow-white shirt, the look shines with the Winter Wonderland.

Shirt for ceremony and party

But it doesn’t always have to be a suit jacket. The 2in1 shirt has a special finesse: in the twinkling of an eye, it can be converted from a Kent shirt to a stand-up collar shirt.

Accessories for the groom

It’s the little touches that make a festive suit from Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS a lasting impression. Our collection of gala suits is peppered with original details that reveal themselves at first, sometimes only at second glance. A feather-light pin, for example, adds a personal touch to the jackets. The matching paperboy cap and suspenders emphasize the natural lightness.