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When it comes to wedding planning, the dress is everything and on the day itself all eyes are on the bride. But the groom shouldn’t have to play second fiddle to his fiancée as far as outfits are concerned.  After all, he’s also a key figure in this perfect wedding and should look just as good as his wife-to-be. Let us show you what bridegrooms are wearing in Summer 2021.

YOP FS21 - Helle Farben

The groom should feel at ease in his suit – that is the most important thing to remember. Choosing from a jacket with pointed lapels or step lapels is all a matter of taste; the same applies to the decision whether or not to wear a waistcoat with a two-piece suit. Combining trousers and a waistcoat is ideal for the summer and makes a lightweight alternative to a classic suit. If the waistcoat features an outer fabric back and the look is complemented with accessories such as a watch chain, a jacket can be completely superfluous. For anyone who prefers a two-piece suit, be sure to pay attention to certain small details. With rubber printing on the inside and in the undercollar plus a pocket for the wedding rings, the suits from Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS make it clear that the groom is serious about making this commitment.


The trends in men’s outfits change rapidly from year to year and classic black is not the go-to colour it once was. Nowadays, men are more frequently choosing suits in lighter shades for a summery look. That’s why, in addition to the ever-popular blue and grey tones, 2021 is turning the spotlight on a summery light-beige shade. Breathable materials such as cotton and linen with added stretch in the outer fabric and the lining mean that these suits are both ideal for summer and fit perfectly. Any sweating will be down to nerves only!



Life is a game, so even when the occasion demands some gravitas there’s no need to skimp on the fun. The CG Paron shirt from CG – CLUB of GENTS features a removable collar, allowing the groom to switch from serious mode to party mode in an instant. The ceremony is performed with full formality in a spread collar and a bow tie, but afterwards they can both be removed to reveal a casual party shirt with a stand-up collar.


An outfit only really hits the mark if it has the appropriate accessories. For decades this item was an essential part of every man’s wardrobe and it is now making a comeback for special occasions – it’s the faithful flat cap. We also recommend the set consisting of a bow tie and a pocket square that match both the cap and the suit. You can even take matching accessories to the next level and add the coordinating braces and espadrilles. Decked out like this, the groom is in serious danger of stealing the limelight from his future wife!

CG Paron Shirt with Removable kent collar / CG Paron Shirt with Removable kent collar /
CG Paron Shirt with Removable kent collar109,00 £ 


2021 is set to be the year of the wedding. After all the postponed dates from last year, couples and guests are really looking forward to weddings this summer. The planning is already in full swing. Take a look at the latest wedding trends so you can integrate them into your dream day. We’ll show you the latest decoration ideas, provide styling tips for both the bride and the groom and also give you all the updates regarding the pandemic restrictions.

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